Magical Butter Machine (Limited Offer)

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The Magical Butter machine

Anyone can add botanical extractions straight into their alcohol, lotions, cooking oils, or our favourite butter.

The Magical Butter machine works well with Butter and tincture as well as the following oils. Peanut, Coconut, sunflower, olive and corn oil

Some amazing features are included with this uniquely designed Magical Butter machine.

  • The construction is made of solid surgical stainless steel
  • Produces 2 to 5 cups per sequence
  • No clean up as this unit is self-cleaning.
  • Recipes included that will allow your imagination to run wild
  • Make Botanical oil in a little as 1 hour
  • Make Botanical butter in 2 hours or less
  • Botanical tinctures only take 4 hours to make
  • For consistent results the magical butter machine has an integrated digital thermostat and also sensors to bring laboratory grade temp controls to your kitchen
  • Automatic microprocessor controlled program sequences
  • Includes the exclusive digital fire technology which helps ensure even heating
The following are parts that are included and built it
  • Head Handle
  • Temperature button 160ºF/71ºC, 190ºF/88ºC, 220ºF/104ºC, 250ºF/121ºC Please remember that the Recommended starting temp for fresh botanicals is 160ºF/71ºC
  • Pitcher is constructed with surgical stainless steel
  • Digital thermostat allows for maximum temp control
  • Plug: You will need to insert the plug into the bottom of the pitcher  before you are able to start using the MB2
  • Comes with an overflow sensors which helps prevent your ingredients from boiling over
  • Blade allows you to grind, stir and blend your ingredients easily and without mess or fuss.