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Elf Bar EW9000

Elf Bar EW9000 Pods - Jiggly Sting

Elf Bar EW9000 Pods - Jiggly Sting

Jiggly Sting: Tongue-tingling sour gummy goodness with a touch of sweetness

Meet the Elf Bar EW9000 Disposable Pod, your gateway to cutting-edge vaping technology. Explore a vape that seamlessly clicks together, thanks to its magnetic design, which effortlessly connects the power bank and disposable pod.

Experience satisfaction with up to 9000 puffs by utilizing the EW9000 disposable pod alongside the power bank. Once charged, detach the power bank for recharging or pair it with alternative flavours. 

The world's 1st disposable vape with a power bank that features a pod with a battery, the Elf Bar EW9000 offers unparalleled versatility. Indulge in the pod independently, with or without a power bank, for a convenient vaping experience on the go.

Product Specification:

- Puffs: up to 9,000

- E-liquid: 16 ml

- Power Bank: 820 mAh

- Disposable Pod Battery: 200 mAh

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